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Zenit image Case Study: Enhancing Operational Connectivity / Zenit Services and Management

Company Details:

– Company Name: Zenit Services and Management

– Website:

– Industry: Service Stations, Oil Trading

– Location: A number of service stations throughout Sicily, notably in the provinces of Ragusa, Siracusa and Catania.

The Challenge:

Zenit Services and Management faced the challenge of establishing a seamless connection between their individual distributors and the central Modica office. The goal was to enable data transmission via a private VPN network.

The Problem:

The company encountered difficulties in connecting distributors situated in remote areas lacking available systems. This hindered the transmission and reception of crucial data. Overcoming the digital divide became essential to ensure efficiency and punctuality, emphasizing the significance of a reliable service.

The Solution:

Implementing a stable and reliable connection with Brdys satellite broadband service enabled the effective management of operational activities. By utilizing a static IP for remote access and monitoring, the company significantly improved productivity and communication.

The Impact:

The introduction of the solution positively impacted Zenit Services and Management two key ways:

  • Improved Productivity: The integration of the solution resulted in uninterrupted service, consequently enhancing team productivity.
  • Enhanced Communication: The team experienced seamless communication, facilitating efficient operations and coordination.

The Outcome: Following the successful installation for Zenit Services and Management, subsequent installations were equally successful, meeting expectations and operational requirements. The adoption of Brdys satellite broadband solution significantly improved productivity and communication, underscoring its great impact on the company’s operational efficiency.

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