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case studieee Case Study: Bridging the Digital Gap in Energy Innovation / SAO Srl

Company Details:

– Company Name: SAO Srl

– Website:

– Industry: Energy, Recycling

Location: Pian del Vantaggio

The Challenge:

SAO Srl, a subsidiary of Acea Spa, oversees a major landfill in Pian del Vantaggio. The area faced a significant digital connectivity challenge, hindering the establishment of a cogeneration plant aimed at converting organic waste into biogas for electricity production. A stable internet connection was crucial for transmitting essential data to and from the parent company and the Dutch manufacturer.

The Problem:

Pian del Vantaggio’s severe digital disconnect posed a substantial obstacle in establishing a stable internet connection, which is crucial for the operational success of the cogeneration plant.

The Solution:

SAO Srl adopted Brdy’s satellite broadband solution, following the Dutch manufacturer’s recommendation based on prior successful experiences, and the company leveraged our technology to establish a robust and reliable link, overcoming the digital barriers in Pian del Vantaggio and ensuring the successful operation of the cogeneration plant.

The Impact:

The implementation of Brdy’s satellite broadband solution facilitated uninterrupted monitoring, ensuring the seamless functionality and continuous operations of the cogeneration plant. This technology enabled constant oversight, guaranteeing the regularity of activities essential for the effective conversion of organic waste to electricity.

The Outcome:

Through the integration of satellite internet connectivity, SAO Srl successfully addressed the digital gap, enabling the uninterrupted operation of the cogeneration plant. This secured a stable link for data transmission and supported the efficient transformation of organic waste into sustainable energy, contributing positively to both environmental conservation and energy production.

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