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Satellite broadband for business

Why choose Brdy?

Resilient and dependable high-speed broadband is the backbone of all business communications, no matter the business size or sector.

Brdy are focused on delivering solutions to businesses operating in areas unserved or underserved in terms of service speed and quality by traditional broadband technologies. Or to businesses where having a failover to a current wired broadband connection is critical for business continuity.

We do this by utilising a portfolio of satellite broadband for business and 5G fixed wireless access super-fast broadband, and tailor a solution to the specific business application. Working with multiple networks, our solutions are deployed across the Nordics, the UK and mainland Europe, and serve industries from retail to mining. We’d be delighted to review your connectivity and failover requirements and tailor a service solution for your particular business needs.

Satellite broadband for business
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‘For the first time in history, metro-comparable data speeds and latencies are available in 100% of countries, there really are no longer any coverage ‘black spots’.
This is a huge boom for any rural or remote business operator, and with the technology we now have available, the cost of providing a stable, high-speed, low-latency broadband connection in any remote location just dropped from millions of euros to a few thousand. It’s a complete paradigm shift.’
Andrew Walwyn

Satellite Broadband For Business

Wireless Broadband Solutions

Brdy are focused on delivering solutions to businesses operating in areas unserved
or suffering from poor performing wired broadband solutions.

As a Starlink authorised reseller we provide high-speed internet to businesses anywhere –
 fixed site, land mobility and maritime along with enterprise level service support and installation.

The OneWeb constellation will grow to around 650 satellites by 2023, providing unrivalled coverage across the Nordics and Northern Europe. With additional launches planned late 2022 and into 2023, the network will soon provide exceptional coverage across all of Europe.

Our partners Eutelsat and Viasat operate geostationary (GEO) satellites, which orbit 22,000 miles above the earth. As GEO satellites operate in a fixed position and at a greater distance than ‘LEO’ (Low Earth Orbit) satellites, fewer are required to cover the same area of the globe.

We offer super-fast 5G FWA (fixed wireless access) broadband across Norway. Achieving speeds of up to 500 Mbps, 5G FWA is an easily deployed solution suitable for practically any business location.

If you are running a business, you don’t need to be told about the importance of a stable fast and reliable internet connection. You know first-hand that it is just as important as electricity or even a phone line.

Satellite broadband for business

Sectors We Serve

From offshore power generation to High Street retail and banking our solutions are deployed today across a vast range of business sectors. We provide robust internet connectivity to serve business operations no matter how remote they are, located in either temporary or permanent locations. With a suite of satellite and 5G FWA solutions to call upon, no matter how challenging the location or the working environment, we can build the ideal solution for your business application.

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The healthcare industry generates a vast amount of patient data which needs to be accessed locally to enable real-time decisions by health care professionals. First responders require connectivity to support quality patient care and decision making, which starts even before arrival at a health facility.

The growth of IOT technologies in healthcare which can connect remotely, is also driving the necessity for emergency services to have access to reliable internet. And with many rural healthcare facilities suffering from a lack of robust connectivity to services and data through traditional means, we can facilitate access anywhere through our satellite and FWA 5G solutions.

In addition to medical emergency services our solutions can be deployed quickly in mountain rescue situations or in other emergencies such as extreme weather events, by local authorities, police and other support services.

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Improving connectivity within mining operations can dramatically impact on the quality of life for the men and women whose jobs demand they leave home, family and friends behind. Better connectivity can also have a positive effect on the welfare, skill level, and safety of workers living in such remote locations. Having a reliable connection to the family and friends is essential in attracting workers to remote, harsh environments.

It can help deliver key services such as training, telemedicine, and remote support. Further, by bringing the internet to remote locations, the mining operator can support the local population and help bridge the digital divide in underserved isolated communities.

Our solutions can be deployed in mining operations to support operations, health & welfare, asset management, security and data management where there is no easy access to a traditional wired network.

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By their very nature forestry and agriculture is often located in more remote areas not well served with connectivity options. The increase in the use of IOT based applications and Wi-Fi enabled equipment such as drones means robust, secure internet connectivity is increasingly critical to productivity.

Deploying our satellite or 5G FWA services ensures robust connectivity wherever operations are located and with speeds of up to 100Mbps downlink.

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Offshore operations for oil & gas along with wind farms, consist of a vast array of different activities and requirements. This high value and complex work takes place in what can be harsh and remote offshore environments, with potentially hazardous conditions.

Such activities have critical and unique connectivity requirements for safety and efficiency. Reliable high-performance connectivity is one of the keys to safe and successful operations in such environments. For example, energy companies can increase their remote surveillance of critical operations, equipment and facilities using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, video streaming and robotics. And use remotely operated vehicles (ROV) to monitor, inspect and address conditions for field personnel to improve safety and production. Our satellite connectivity solutions offer an ideal solution to support these operations and provide access to the data analytics needed to support critical decision making.

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In either studio based or ‘on location’ situations our satellite and 5G FWA solutions can provide a means of reliable and fast data transfer to the TV and film industries.

Ideal for communicating at rural or remote locations and for the live transmission of broadcasts, we offer a range of dedicated solutions accessible anywhere there is a line of sight to the satellite or 5G FWA mast.

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With new digital technologies offering greater insight into production, processing and distribution, the increasing use of IOT technologies and camps connectivity, fast, reliable connectivity to the cloud is vital to this infrastructure.

Using our satellite solutions allows reliable access to business-critical data and analysis, as well as supporting worker safety and reducing environmental impact. Quality of life is also a key consideration for employees working in the industry and robust, fast connectivity can have a positive impact on this aspect of the operation.

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Today’s retail and banking relies on digital technology to deliver next generation services, enhancing the customer experience and driving competitor advantage.

Digital technologies impact on all areas of retail and banking from payments, deliveries, marketing and team management and training. Many business-critical applications such as merchant services, accounting tools and inventory management are now cloud based along with POS systems CCTV, security and telephony where reliable connectivity is paramount.

Retail stores and bank branches also need to be integrated into the wider corporate network and ecosystem to ensure that customers’ needs are met. This includes inventory management, fulfilment and supply chain intelligence. All of these rely on digital solutions like Internet of Things (IoT) and RFID systems.

Our satellite based connectivity solution ensures reliable connection as both a primary method, or for use as a failover in addition to a wired/fibre connection.

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For the rapid evolution of ship communications, from bridge alerts, weather warnings and analysis of smart sensors on critical equipment to ultimately operating autonomous vessels, satellite connectivity services are essential to fleet owners to transform their operations.

And with an increasing number of smart devices being operated on board on both merchant and leisure vessels, providing fast and reliable access to the internet is a must. Our low latency satellite solution will facilitate this and help fleet operators ensure compliance with increasingly stringent regulations, unlock advanced processes including predictive maintenance, automation, IoT and high-level security measures, as well as enhance and improve the onboard passenger and staff experience.


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Satellite Broadband for business

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