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Satellite & 5G Reliability
Our solutions using either satellite or 5G Fixed Wireless Access can be deployed in virtually any location as a back up to a wired connection.
Quick & Easy Deployment
Providing the security of 24/7 Failover solutions for business-critical operations.
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If you are running a business, you don’t need to be told about the importance of a stable fast and reliable internet connection. You know first-hand that it is just as important as electricity or even a phone line.

Many business choose to install a secondary Internet connection that does not rely on the same cables and backbone as their primary business Internet connection, ideally using a second ‘point of entry’ into the building.

In the event of a physical disruption to the wired network, the wireless network will continue to operate so long as a power source is available. Both our satellite and 5G FWA solutions provide robust Failover solutions, supporting business continuity.

Unlike fiber optics which require tremendous resources in terms of effort, capital and time, fixed wireless internet via satellite or 5G can be installed at a much lower cost and is available virtually anywhere. A fixed wireless connection is as simple as installing a dish to the roof of your building, or self installing our small 5G receiver. It is faster, easier and cheaper when compared to installing a fiber optic network which is run underground.

A robust failover plan is essential for any business reliant on 24/7 connection, but particularly critical in healthcare, retail and banking, hospitality, agriculture and transportation especially where IOT technologies are deployed.


The True Cost of an Unplanned IT Outage

“When it comes to acquiring mission-critical applications, enterprises are willing to make huge investments. Think CRM, supply chain systems and project management tools.

Despite efforts invested in infrastructure reliability, many organisations continue to deal with downtime that lasts from a few minutes to several days, completely paralysing the business and causing irrecoverable losses. Especially in the context of COVID-19, where many businesses are fighting for their survival, the cost of an unexpected outage could mean the difference between closing your doors or remaining open for business.”

Source: RingCentral (2020)

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