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La Raia image Case Study La Raia’s Satellite Solution for Rural Operations

Company Details:

– Company Name: La Raia

– Website:

– Industry: Farm and Winery

Location: Gavi, Novi Ligure

Nestled in the heart of the esteemed Italian wine region, Gavi, Novi Ligure, La Raia stands as a biodynamic farm and winery, known for its superior food and wine products. Embracing a philosophy rooted in sustainability and diversity, La Raia’s core values aim to preserve the land for future generations.

The Challenge:

They faced a challenge in conducting everyday business operations due to the lack of internet connectivity, especially considering their international interests. Managing correspondence, reports, orders, invoices, and maintaining an online presence were unfeasible without a reliable internet connection.

The Problem:

La Raia found itself in the midst of a digital divide, eliminating the possibility of integrating modern online practices which are crucial for business continuity and growth.

The Solution:

To surpass the digital barriers, La Raia chose an Office Flat subscription from Open Sky-Brdy, recognizing it as the most reliable, secure, fast, and potent solution available at the time. This satellite broadband subscription was pivotal in enabling the estate to access essential online functionalities required for day-to-day business operations.

The Impact:

The implementation of our satellite internet solution not only facilitated the alignment of production activities with contemporary market standards, but also empowered La Raia to efficiently manage correspondence, reports, orders, invoices, and their website.

The Outcome:

Giuliano Poggio, an authorized Open Sky installer and owner of ASS.EL Poggio in Novi Ligure, emphasized the unique advantage of satellite connectivity in the region. The environmental friendliness of the satellite solution, requiring no additional infrastructure, resonated perfectly with La Raia’s ethos, aligning with their commitment to sustainability and conservation of the land. Ultimately, the implementation of satellite connectivity not only resolved the digital divide but also harmonized with La Raia’s values and operational needs.

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