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Community Broadband in Melfjordbotn, Norway

For those living in more remote communities across the world, connection to a wired network is unlikely to become a reality due to the resource requires to lay physical cabling.

In such locations our satellite internet solutions are ideal as they provide fast, stable and reliable connectivity, with low latency and without reliance on a wired connection.

Whilst many remote homes, cabins, farms and businesses have installed one of our satellite solutions dedicated to their own property, for communities consisting of multiple properties or business campuses with multiple locations in close proximity, we can provide a community broadband solution.

The village of Melfjordbotn in Rødøy Municipality in Nordland county, Norway, is located at the eastern end of the Melfjorden, southwest of the Svartisen glacier. A remote location with a single road in and out of the village, which is closed during the winter months completely isolating the village for part of the year. The settlement consists of around 18 homes, with a further 20 cabins in the area.

Working with our LEO (low earth orbit) satellite partner, we provided a connectivity solution consisting of a ground mounted dual parabolic receiver which transmits a Wi-Fi signal up to 10KM. Providing enough bandwidth for all the properties within the village, along with low latency.

For small villages such as Melfjordbotn, the advantage of this solution is a single receiver installation and monthly service plan can over all the properties and the cost can be split across the residents. In other cases the service is funded by the community administration to support the huge benefits to residents of having access to fast and reliable internet.

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