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75 – 150 Mbps

Experience unparalleled online connectivity with the BRDY SUPERFAST 100. This exceptional satellite broadband service offers lightning-fast download speeds of up to 100 Mbps, perfect for larger households, home offices and heavy internet users who need to connect multiple devices simultaneously.
BRDY SUPERFAST 100 is a robust and reliable solution for internet access in remote locations. With its advanced satellite technology, it effortlessly bridges the digital divide where traditional wired connections cannot reach. The installation process is easy and convenient, requiring no complex wiring or underground cable setups – install and align the dish (professional or home installation), connect a cable to the modem, and you’re good to go.
BRDY prides itself on offering outstanding value and flexibility. Our Price Match Guarantee ensures that you receive the best deal possible, and our 30-day contract offers the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs. Experience the future of rural broadband today with the BRDY SUPERFAST 100.

  • For larger households
  • Connect multiple devices
  • HD streaming
  • Super-fast downloads
  • Ideal for home workers

Unlimited standard data. Once you have used all of your priority data, you still have access to standard data which may result in slower speeds

We can serve every address, let us check which plan options we can offer you

    What You Need to Know

    Enhance Your Connection with the Best Rural Broadband

    Unlock the power of connectivity in remote areas and bridge the digital gap with cutting-edge rural broadband. Experience seamless online access, stay connected with others, and embrace new technologies like never before. Elevate your rural living with improved connectivity.

    Easy to Get Started

    Professional install, or DIY if you’re handy, you’ll be up and running and connected in no time. No digging and laying cables underground, just affix and align the dish, a cable attaches to the modem, and you’ll soon be enjoying fast and reliable broadband.

    Compare our Brdys

     Brdy Standard Brdy Superfast
    Download speeds25 – 50 Mbps75 – 100 Mbps
    Typical download times based on 50 Mbps Standard, 100 Mbps Superfast  
           > 1 album (300MB)48 secs24 secs
           > 1 movie (2,400MB)6 mins, 24 secs3 mins, 12 secs
    Priority data allowance100 GB per month300 GB per month
    Standard data allowanceUnlimitedUnlimited
    Wi-fi RouterYesYes
    Ideal for  
            > Typical number of devicesMultipleYes
           > Video callsYes, HDYes, HD
           > Video streamingYesYes

    Brdy quickly delivers broadband where others cannot reach..

    Other available plans




    Up to 100 Mbps

    Unlimited Satellite Broadband


    12 month contract

    • For larger households
    • Connect multiple devices
    • HD streaming
    • Super-fast downloads
    • Ideal for home workers
    • 12 month contract


    25 – 75 Mbps

    Unlimited data


    30 day plan

    • For larger households
    • Connect multiple devices
    • HD streaming
    • Super-fast downloads
    • Ideal for home workers
    • 12 month contract
    • For busy homes
    • Connect multiple devices
    • Buffer-free streaming
    • Fast downloads
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    Frequently Asked Questions.


    Is satellite internet new and experimental?

    This technology is not new, people have been watching satellite TV for decades, but there have been some recent advances to make satellite technology more suitable for connecting you to the internet.  

    Unlike TV, internet over satellite requires a two-way connection. Users of satellite broadband both send and receive information to and from the satellite. Changes to how the data is packaged and the infrastructure both in space and on the ground, mean that you can now get much faster speeds; up to 50 Mbps over satellite broadband. That’s faster than many wired connections! 

    What is satellite broadband?

    Satellite broadband provides a way of connecting to the internet without the need for a traditional wired connection. Instead of connecting to the internet via cables that run from an exchange into your house, satellite broadband allows you to connect to the internet using a satellite dish installed on your house, that transmits and receives information to and from our satellite in space. 

    Can I install satellite broadband anywhere, on any building?

    There are a few basic requirements for installing satellite broadband. The system requires a satellite dish to be installed on your house, so it is important your building material can support this dish. For example, we can’t install on wooden structures. If your house is made of anything other than brick, block or concrete, you will need to give our satellite installation specialists a call before signing up to discuss installation options.  

    If your house is rented, you will need written approval from your landlord before signing up. Similarly, you will need approval from the relevant authority to install the dish on a listed building or in a conservation area. 

    It’s helpful to consider whether you have or used to have a satellite TV dish on your house. If yes, we can be confident that you can have a Brdy dish on your house and it will be installed in a similar area. So long as you have a view of the southern sky not obstructed by trees, buildings or other objects, you will be able to receive satellite broadband. 

    Why do I need a view of the southern Sky?

    You need a view of the southern Sky because that is where our satellites are. We use geostationary satellites, meaning they orbit the earth 22,000 miles above the equator and move at the same speed as the earth’s rotation. This means they appear stationary from earth. Because they are along the equator, they are to the south of us here in Europe. 

    How fast is satellite broadband?

    We offer plans of varying speeds, you can check the specific plans available to you on the web site, or through Customer Services. The speed will vary according to your location, and if you find your chosen plan is not delivering a speed to meet your requirements, do let us know and we can talk through the options.  

    Is there a limit on my data usage?

    All Brdy data plans are unlimited, which means we won’t cut you off after you have used all your ‘priority data’. However, your average speeds will decline once you have used up your priority data.  

    This drop in speed can affect what you are able to do online, so it’s important you understand how much data you need each month. We recommend you purchase a package that provides enough priority data for the majority of your needs. 

    These are averages, meaning speeds can drop to lower levels depending on how many other users are on the network at the same time as you. Just like other wired internet connections your speed may be slower when lots of other people are using the network at the same time. 

    work traffic. At peak hours speeds can drop down into single figures for a time. 


    Our story

    At Brdy we believe that everyone should have access to the whole world - no
    matter where they are.

    Although our brand may not be familiar to you, we’ve been at this a long time. Connecting the unconnected to the world through our fast and reliable satellite broadband services.

    In our 10 year journey, so far we’ve helped over 15,000 customers in over 20 countries from Australia to Norway to enjoy dependable internet, without the need to ever be connected to a phoneline.

    Why? We believe everyone, no matter how remote should have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits accessing the world wide web brings. To stay in touch with friends and family, to be entertained, and in this post pandemic world, we want to empower people to live and work remotely should they choose to.

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