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Case Study: Brdy Satellite Internet Connects Remote Village Mayor To The World

Case Study

Customer Profile:

Name: WIESŁAW Szymczykiewicz

Position: Village Mayor

Location: Gola Wielka near Twardogóra

The Challenge: WIESŁAW Szymczykiewicz, the Village Mayor of Gola Wielka, lives in a picturesque yet remote area surrounded by forests. Due to its remote location, traditional Internet connectivity options are limited, making satellite Internet the only viable solution to bridge the gap between the village and the rest of the world.

The Problem: As the village leader, WIESŁAW needs a reliable Internet connection to perform his duties efficiently and communicate with the villagers. Recognising the importance of reliability and wide coverage, he chose Brdy’s satellite Internet service.

The Solution: Brdy quickly provided WIESŁAW with a comprehensive satellite Internet kit, ensuring a seamless installation process. A professional installer recommended by Brdy quickly set up the system, enabling WIESŁAW to access high-speed Internet even in the remotest areas.

The Impact: With Brdy’s satellite Internet, WIESŁAW experienced a transformational change in his ability to effectively carry out his duties as the Village Mayor. The stable and fast Internet connection facilitated seamless communication with residents, increased community engagement and simplified administrative tasks.

The Result: In addition to facilitating professional commitments, Brdy satellite Internet has greatly enriched the personal lives of WIESŁAW and his family. WIESŁAW's wife, Bogusia, highlighted the newfound opportunities for family bonding and entertainment. The reliable Internet connection allowed them to enjoy various online activities together, fostering a sense of togetherness despite the physical distance. Moreover, the inclusion of Wi-Fi calling feature provided a sense of security, ensuring quick access to emergency services if needed.

Testimonial from Bogusia: “Satellite Internet has improved the lives of my family and the grandchildren who visit me in many ways. Now that we have a reliable Internet connection, we can spend more time together enjoying a variety of online content, watching movies, listening to music, or playing games. In addition, satellite Internet allows us to communicate with other family members who cannot be with us in person, increasing our sense of community and closeness despite the distance. For my grandchildren who visit me, satellite Internet has also become a tool for learning and discovering new things online, which supports their growth and education. In addition, thanks to the possibility of Wi-Fi calling, I feel safe and I know that I can call the emergency number at any time if something happens.”

Conclusion: With Brdy, WIESŁAW Szymczykiewicz has successfully overcome the connectivity challenges posed by his remote location, thereby improving both his professional efficiency as Village Mayor and the quality of life for his family. The case of Gola Wielka serves as a testament to the transformative impact of satellite Internet in empowering rural communities and promoting connectivity in even the most remote areas.

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