Gorse Lane solar farm, Metka-EGN Ltd www.mytilineos.com

Gorse Lane solar farm, located in North Kesteven, Lincolnshire, UK, is a 50MW solar farm, generating enough electricity to power 6,000 homes, and 8,000 electric vehicles, whilst offsetting 10,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

It is crucial that photovoltaic plants are monitored 24/7, which requires a super reliable internet connection for the transmission and receiving of data.

Managed by our reseller partner Loxton Consultancy Ltd, who specialise in providing satellite broadband systems, 4G, landline broadband and associated equipment to EPC contractors, main contractors and developers focussed on the renewable energy market. Since 2013 the company has installed over 500 satellite systems due to their reliability, good broadband speeds and short delivery and installation time.

Having already deployed over 50 Viasat satellite systems specifically to Metka-EGN Ltd, which have proved to be dependable with fast data transfer speeds, the Viasat system was the natural choice for the Gorse Lane installation, along with a roaming 4/5G back up as a failover solution. Installation was completed in June 2022.

Thornham solar farm

The Thornham solar plant located near Hunstanton, Norfork, UK has a 20.6 MW installed capacity, producing 22,000 MWh of solar electricity each year. Operated by Grupotech Renewables Ltd, who called on our reseller and specialists in renewable energy, Loxton Consultancy Ltd to recommend and install an effective broadband solution for the monitoring of the plant.

Having a proven track record in many similar solar energy applications over the past 10 years, the Viasat satellite solution was deployed.

Oscer Cervera, IT Manager for Grupotec Renewables Ltd states ‘having a reliable broadband connection for monitoring our solar parks is critical and we have been using the Tooway/Viasat systems with no major issues for more than many years. They provide a really good value for money and can be deployed extremely quickly, no matter in what part of the UK’. ‘it is also very important to work with a partner who knows the product well and can respond quickly to our needs. And this is where Loxton and Brdy add value’. The installation was completed in July 2021 and has provided reliable internet connectivity without issue.

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